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Discover the beauty of modern technology with our roundup of top Bluetooth Mirrors. Say goodbye to tangled cords and enjoy seamless connectivity as you check your reflection. Get ready to elevate your morning routine and add a touch of elegance to your space. Explore the best Bluetooth Mirrors on the market and find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

The Top 11 Best Bluetooth Mirror

  1. Smart Illuminated Bathroom Mirror with 360° Bluetooth Speaker and Defogging Temperature Control — Upgrade your bathroom with the S’bagno 40 x 28 inch Backlit LED Illuminated Smart Mirror, featuring 360° Bluetooth surround, adjustable lighting brightness, temperature control defogging, and easy installation for a luxurious and practical experience.
  2. Premium Magnetic Makeup Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker and LED Lights — The Fenair Makeup Mirror with Lights and Bluetooth Speaker Support, a perfect solution for all your vanity needs, combines a sleek design with advanced features for a luxurious makeup experience.
  3. Bluetooth Hollywood Vanity Makeup Mirror with Wireless Charging and Detachable Magnification — Fenchilin’s Bluetooth Hollywood Vanity Makeup Mirror with wireless charging and 10x magnification, offers the perfect combination of style, functionality, and versatility for any makeup enthusiast.
  4. LED-Illuminated 10X Magnification Makeup Mirror for Vanity and Bedroom Use — Transform your makeup routine with the Cooljeen Bluetooth Hollywood Vanity Makeup Mirror, featuring wireless charging, adjustable brightness, and 3 color modes for a flawless application experience.
  5. Glam Studio Wireless Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker and Phone Holder — The Trend Tech Glam Studio Bluetooth Vanity Mirror adds luxury to your morning routine with adjustable LED lighting, a built-in Bluetooth speaker, and a convenient phone holder with wireless charging.
  6. Bluetooth Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Wireless Charging and Lights — Get ready to light up your makeup routine with the Fenair Hollywood Vanity Mirror, boasting Bluetooth connectivity, LED lighting, and wireless charging in a sleek, metal white design.
  7. Fogless Shower Mirror Speaker with LED Ring Light — Experience crisp sound and clear reflection with the Sharper Image SpaStudio Fogless Shower Mirror Speaker — featuring a Bluetooth speaker, LED ring light, and waterproof construction for an unforgettable shower experience!
  8. Modern Lighted Bathroom Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker — Illuminate your bathroom with the M LTMIRROR 24x32 Lighted Bathroom Mirror, featuring a Bluetooth speaker, smart LED vanity makeup, and anti-fog technology.
  9. Bluetooth Magnifying Mirror with Light and 10x Detail Mirror — Experience hassle-free beauty and audio with the iHome Mirror, featuring wireless Bluetooth audio, 10x magnification detail mirror, and adjustable LED lighting.
  10. Elegant Hollywood-Style Vanity Mirror with Adjustable Lighting and Bluetooth — Experience the glamour of Hollywood-style makeup with the Fenchilin Vanity Mirror’s high-quality LED lighting, Bluetooth music streaming, and convenient detachable wall-mounting options.
  11. Large Hollywood Bluetooth Vanity Mirror with Lights — Experience the ultimate blend of style and functionality with the Fenchilin Large Hollywood Vanity Mirror featuring 32 inches x 23 inches size, Bluetooth connectivity, and integrated LED lights for a glamorous makeup session.


Smart Illuminated Bathroom Mirror with 360° Bluetooth Speaker and Defogging Temperature Control

Imagine starting your day with a refreshing, fog-free bathroom mirror that not only illuminates your morning routine but also plays your favorite tunes. That’s exactly what the S’bagno 40 x 28 inch Backlit LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror offers. The hidden Bluetooth speaker blends seamlessly into the mirror, providing a 360-degree sound experience that makes it feel like the music is surround sound.

This smart mirror isn’t just about looks; it’s about functionality too. The copper-free mirrored panel ensures a crystal-clear reflection and is eco-friendly. The adjustable lighting brightness feature allows for the perfect balance of illumination, ensuring your makeup or face looks as natural as possible.

One of the standout features is the temperature control defogging technology. It quickly clears any fog from the mirror surface, leaving you with an unobstructed, clear reflection. The IP44 protection level ensures this mirror is both waterproof and dustproof, making it durable and long-lasting.

Installation is a breeze thanks to the provided instructions and accessories. Simply mount it on the wall, plug it in, and you’re ready to go. It’s not just a mirror — it’s a complete bathroom experience that incorporates technology and style.

Premium Magnetic Makeup Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker and LED Lights

I recently had the chance to try out the Fenair Makeup Mirror, and let me tell you, I was quite impressed! The first thing that stood out to me was its compact construction, making it perfect for my small makeup space. Not only that, but it’s packed with features that truly enhance my morning routine.

One of the amazing features is the built-in LED lights, which provide the perfect illumination for applying makeup. The touch screen control panel is a nice touch, allowing me to switch between the three color options with ease. Additionally, the Bluetooth speaker system is a game-changer, providing my morning playlist a whole new level of clarity.

However, there were a few minor downsides. Firstly, the assembly process was a bit more complicated than I expected, and I had to consult the user manual a few times. Secondly, the mirror itself is a bit on the smaller side, which might be an issue for those who prefer a larger viewing area.

Overall, the Fenair Makeup Mirror is a fantastic addition to any vanity. The combination of its sleek design, user-friendly features, and crystal-clear audio make it a worthwhile investment. Just be sure to follow the assembly instructions carefully, and keep the size in mind before making your purchase.

Bluetooth Hollywood Vanity Makeup Mirror with Wireless Charging and Detachable Magnification


The Fenchilin Bluetooth Hollywood Vanity Makeup Mirror has become a staple in my morning routine. Its optimal size of 14.5 x 18.5 inches allows it to fit perfectly on any dressing table, saving me space on my tabletop. The most exciting feature, however, is the Bluetooth connectivity that lets me pair my phone with the mirror and listen to music while I apply my makeup.

One of my favorite features is the wireless phone charger, which makes it incredibly convenient to charge my phone while I get ready. The mirror comes with three light settings that I can easily switch between and adjust the brightness of each setting to suit my needs. Additionally, the detachable 10x mini magnification mirror allows me to have a closer look at my makeup, ensuring that everything is perfect.

However, one downside I’ve experienced is the 10x magnification mirror being a bit too small for my liking. I would have appreciated a larger magnification option to have an even clearer view of my makeup application.

Overall, the Fenchilin Bluetooth Hollywood Vanity Makeup Mirror has become an essential part of my daily routine, and I’m delighted with its versatile features and functional design.

LED-Illuminated 10X Magnification Makeup Mirror for Vanity and Bedroom Use

I recently got my hands on the Cooljeen Bluetooth Hollywood Vanity Makeup Mirror with Lights Wireless Charging Metal Tabletop, and let me tell you, it’s been quite the experience. The cool thing about this mirror is that it doesn’t heat up even after a long day of usage, which is a major plus when applying makeup.

One of the nifty features of this mirror is the ability to connect your phone via Bluetooth to listen to music. Plus, it offers wireless charging — a total lifesaver when my phone’s battery starts running low. The customizable brightness settings let you switch between cool, warm, and natural light modes, providing just the right amount of illumination for those makeup application moments.

The 360-degree swivel design and the 10x magnification mirror make getting ready in the morning a breeze. I could easily use it in my bedroom or vanity area. But there was one aspect that I found a bit off-putting — the package didn’t come with a long enough charger or a wall adapter, which was a bummer.

Overall, this Hollywood Vanity Makeup Mirror with Lights Wireless Charging Metal Tabletop has been quite the game changer. It’s easy to use, and the features offer great convenience during my morning routine.

Glam Studio Wireless Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker and Phone Holder


The Glam Studio Bluetooth Vanity Mirror from Trend Tech Brands is a stylish addition to any morning routine. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and it’s made my mornings brighter and more convenient in various ways.

The three-way LED lighting settings are a game-changer, allowing me to find the perfect illumination for my makeup application. The built-in Bluetooth speaker is also a great feature; I have my favorite music playing in the background while I get ready, and I can even take hands-free calls without any hassle.

I appreciate the phone holder that keeps my phone close by, and the wireless charging pad is a bonus as I no longer have to deal with entangled wires. Overall, this vanity mirror is a must-have for anyone looking to pamper themselves with a touch of luxury every morning.

Bluetooth Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Wireless Charging and Lights


Recently, I had the opportunity to try the Fenair Bluetooth Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Lights Wireless Charging Tabletop Metal White. This product is perfect for makeup enthusiasts who want a stylish and functional mirror in their makeup routine. I was particularly intrigued by its unique features, including the wireless charging and Bluetooth capabilities.

The first thing I noticed was how sleek and modern the mirror’s design looked. The white metal finish was elegant and stylish, and the size made it perfect for my bathroom counter. The Bluetooth speaker was also a nice touch, allowing me to listen to my favorite tunes while applying makeup. I found the LED lights to be adjustable and quite helpful when needing more detail in my makeup application.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks that I encountered. The wireless charging port was a bit difficult to access, and it seemed to not work as efficiently as other products I’ve tried. Additionally, the buttons for controlling the phone’s volume and music navigation were somewhat inconvenient as they required me to turn the mirror around.

Overall, my experience with the Fenair Bluetooth Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Lights Wireless Charging Tabletop Metal White was mostly positive. The product’s unique features and design made it stand out amongst other mirrors I’ve tried. While there were a few issues with the charging port and buttons, I would still recommend this product for someone looking for a functional and stylish mirror to add to their bathroom décor.

Fogless Shower Mirror Speaker with LED Ring Light


I recently added the Sharper Image SpaStudio Fogless Shower Mirror Speaker to my daily routine, and I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed with this product! Not only does it have a sleek and stylish design, but it also comes packed with features that make it a top contender for the best shower mirror speaker on the market.

One of the standout features of this mirror speaker is its anti-fog technology. This is a game-changer for me, as I’ve always struggled with my bathroom mirror fogging up after a steamy shower. With the SpaStudio, not only does the mirror stay fog-free, but it is also made of real glass for a crystal-clear view. I love that the real glass isn’t distorted in any way, making it perfect for applying makeup or shaving.

Now, let’s talk about the sound quality. I’m a music lover, so having a high-quality speaker to blast my favorite tunes in the shower is an absolute must for me. The SpaStudio’s Bluetooth speaker delivers premium sound, allowing me to enjoy music, podcasts, and more without any interruptions. The built-in LED ring light also adds a nice touch, as I can easily see my reflection while getting ready for my day.

Another benefit of the SpaStudio is its fully adjustable magnetic mount. This feature makes it easy to attach the mirror to any secure wall mount or charging dock, and it attaches in seconds. The waterproof design of the mirror and speaker is also a great plus, as it ensures my shower time is both safe and enjoyable.

While I’ve had a mostly positive experience with the SpaStudio Fogless Shower Mirror Speaker, I do have a few minor concerns. The mirror is quite heavy, which makes me a little worried about its ability to stay securely mounted on the wall. Additionally, the LED ring light can sometimes be a bit too bright, and I wish there was an option to dim it a bit more.

Overall, the Sharper Image SpaStudio Fogless Shower Mirror Speaker has been a welcome addition to my daily shower routine. Its anti-fog technology, premium sound, and adjustable magnetic mount make it a top choice for anyone looking to upgrade their shower experience.

Modern Lighted Bathroom Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker


I recently had the pleasure of using the M LTMIRROR Lighted Bathroom Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker in my bathroom. This sleek and modern mirror is wall mounted, and it makes a perfect addition to my vanity area as it provides ample lighting for my makeup and dressing routines. One of the most impressive features is the anti-fog technology, which ensures the mirror always stays clear and fog-free, even in humid conditions.

The mirror comes with a Bluetooth speaker, so you can enjoy your favorite tunes or podcasts while getting ready. It also has smart LED lighting with a 3-light setting, which is convenient and stylish. The touch button controls allow for easy adjustment of the brightness and light colors, and the vertical/horizontal orientation can be customized per your preferences.

The mirror is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) frame material, giving it a modern, unframed look. The installation process is straightforward and doesn’t require any assembly, making it perfect for those who prefer a hassle-free experience. One drawback is the Prop 65 warning, which highlights the chemical exposure risks associated with the product. However, the amazing features and functionalities of the M LTMIRROR Lighted Bathroom Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker far outweigh this concern. Overall, I highly recommend this mirror for anyone seeking a chic and practical solution for their bathroom lighting needs.

Bluetooth Magnifying Mirror with Light and 10x Detail Mirror


As someone who enjoys a bit of self-care in the mornings, I was intrigued by this iHome mirror with its promise of built-in sound and LED lighting. It quickly became a staple in my daily routine, providing both a practical and enjoyable touch to my beauty routine.

The mirror’s distortion-free surface was a definite highlight, making it easy to apply makeup and groom myself with precision. The added convenience of a removable 3.5-inch 10x magnification detail mirror was an unexpected bonus, allowing me to tackle smaller tasks without any fuss. Furthermore, the bright accent LEDs, with both high and low settings, provided a natural-looking light that made everything look just right.

However, there were a couple of minor cons. The first issue was the cord, which was notably longer than a high-power hairdryer cord. While this might not be a significant downside for most users, it did make the mirror less portable than I’d have liked. Secondly, I found the device to be a bit challenging to connect via Bluetooth, which could be frustrating for those who are less tech-savvy.

Despite these minor shortcomings, I overall found the iHome mirror to be an excellent addition to my morning routine. Its combination of practicality and entertainment made it a delight to use, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to elevate their self-care routine.

Elegant Hollywood-Style Vanity Mirror with Adjustable Lighting and Bluetooth


Ever tried using a mirror made of metal and crystal clear? The Fenchilin Large Hollywood Vanity Mirror is a unique blend of that sleek material and sparkling clarity. I got myself one as a gift and couldn’t be happier. When it arrived, it was well-packaged, making it easy to set up. The first impression was indeed impressive. The mirror was large, just the right size for my dressing table and it added a classy touch to my vanity area.

This Hollywood-style mirror is a delight for makeup enthusiasts. With its 9 LED bulbs, it provided natural and bright lighting. It made my makeup tasks a bit easier as I got a clear reflection of my face and the application area. The lights had warm and daylight settings with adjustable brightness, which made my reflection appear clean and bright. This is a must-have for makeup lovers, for sure!

One feature that impressed me the most was the Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect your phone to the Hollywood Vanity Mirror via Bluetooth and play your favorite tunes while doing your makeup. The USB port added an extra convenience, allowing me to charge my phone as I listened to my playlist.

However, the only catch that could be considered as a downside is the detachable base. While it makes the mirror Wall Mounted friendly with the 2 holes on the back, it could topple over if not secured properly. Despite that, the overall experience with the Fenchilin Large Hollywood Vanity Mirror was quite enchanting. Its sleek design, the bright lighting, and the soothing Bluetooth music make it a mirror you wouldn’t want to step away from.

Large Hollywood Bluetooth Vanity Mirror with Lights


In my quest for a perfect vanity mirror, I stumbled upon something special — the Fenchilin Large Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Lights and Bluetooth. This stylish, metal white mirror features a 32-inch by 23-inch size which is impressive and easy to set up.

What caught my attention was the convenience of connecting my phone through Bluetooth and playing music while doing my makeup. The built-in speakers are not only loud but of excellent sound quality, and the phone charging feature is a game-changer. As someone who gets ready to the soothing rhythm of my favorite songs, this mirror has become an integral part of my daily life.

However, this product is not without its minor issues. I noticed that the lights don’t have an independent on/off button, so I had to unplug the mirror to save power. It’s a small drawback, considering the amazing features it brings to my morning routine.

In conclusion, the Fenchilin Large Hollywood Vanity Mirror is a fantastic addition to any vanity. Its functionality, convenience, and stylish design make it a must-have for beauty enthusiasts. Despite knowing its minor flaws, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a top-tier vanity mirror. The combination of technology and convenience is well worth it.

Buyer’s Guide

A Bluetooth mirror is a smart dressing mirror that allows you to connect it with your smartphone and access various features to help with your daily grooming and dressing routines. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll discuss the important features to consider, provide tips for selecting the right Bluetooth mirror, and share some general advice for making the most out of this innovative product.


Features to Consider

When shopping for a Bluetooth mirror, consider the following features to ensure that it meets your needs and preferences:

  1. Resolution and lighting quality, 2) Connection methods and compatibility, 3) Built-in features like voice control, and 4) Battery life and portability. By focusing on these key aspects, you can find the perfect Bluetooth mirror to enhance your daily routine.

Tips for Choosing the Right Bluetooth Mirror

  1. Determine the most important features for you based on your specific needs. For example, if you plan to frequently use the mirror for video calls, you might prioritize a high-quality camera and clear audio. Consider your budget and the additional features you want, such as a built-in LED light or touch screen.

General Advice for Using a Bluetooth Mirror

  1. To ensure a seamless user experience, make sure the Bluetooth mirror is compatible with your smartphone and that you have a stable internet connection. This will ensure smooth interactions with the mirror’s built-in features and applications. 2) Regularly clean the mirror surface to keep a clear and reflective view. 3) Remember to charge the mirror or replace its batteries as needed to maintain optimal performance. By following these guidelines, you can enjoy the full potential of your Bluetooth mirror and improve your daily grooming and dressing routines.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Bluetooth Mirror

  1. Take advantage of the mirror’s smart features by researching and downloading compatible applications. These may include makeup tutorials, skin analysis tools, and wardrobe management apps. 2) Experiment with different lighting conditions to find the best angle and settings for capturing your reflection. 3) Share your experience with friends and family, and seek feedback to help you improve and find new ways to use your Bluetooth mirror. By exploring and utilizing its features, you can enhance your grooming and dressing routines and make your mornings more productive and enjoyable.


What is a Bluetooth mirror?

A Bluetooth mirror is a smart mirror that allows users to synchronize and display their mobile device’s screen on the mirror’s surface. It enables people to enjoy hands-free multimedia content while performing other tasks, such as grooming or working in the bathroom. Bluetooth mirrors are equipped with built-in speakers and typically connect to a device via Bluetooth connectivity.

Some high-end Bluetooth mirrors can also integrate other smart home features, like voice assistants, ambient lighting, or even temperature control. These smart mirrors aim to provide a seamless and convenient experience for users in their everyday routines, making them ideal for busy individuals or families.


What are the benefits of using a Bluetooth mirror?

The use of a Bluetooth mirror can provide several advantages for users. Firstly, hands-free access to multimedia content allows individuals to enjoy videos, music, or podcasts without the need for physical controls. This can be particularly useful when operating mobile devices with wet hands or while performing grooming tasks.

Another benefit of Bluetooth mirrors is their potential integration with other smart home devices, such as voice assistants. Users can control their Bluetooth mirror using voice commands, voice control, or other automated home hub features to improve convenience and comfort in their daily routines. Additionally, the built-in speakers can enhance the overall user experience by providing clear and high-quality audio.

What factors should I consider when choosing a Bluetooth mirror?

When selecting a Bluetooth mirror, consider the following factors: the device’s compatibility with your preferred smartphone or tablet, the Bluetooth range, the mirror’s size and shape, and its build quality. Look for mirrors with long-lasting batteries and high-quality audio components. Additionally, if you want a mirror that can also function as a smart home device, consider purchasing one with built-in voice assistant capabilities.

It is also important to research user reviews and ratings to gain insight into the overall satisfaction with the product’s performance and ease of use. By weighing these factors, you can find a Bluetooth mirror that best suits your needs and preferences, providing the best value for your money and enhancing your daily routine.


Are there any safety concerns with using a Bluetooth mirror?

As with any smart home device, there are some safety concerns associated with the use of Bluetooth mirrors. Firstly, ensure that the device you choose has a secure connection method to prevent unauthorized access to your device or home network. Always update the software to the latest version to address potential security vulnerabilities.

Another safety precaution is considering the placement of the Bluetooth mirror in a location where it can be easily accessed by children or pets. It is advisable to mount the mirror at a safe distance from reachable areas to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries. Additionally, ensure that the mirror is properly secured to the wall to prevent it from falling or tilting during use.

How do I set up and connect my Bluetooth mirror to my smartphone or tablet?

Setting up and connecting a Bluetooth mirror to your smartphone or tablet typically involves the following steps:

  1. Charge the Bluetooth mirror and ensure it is turned on. 2. Enable Bluetooth on your smart device. 3. Search for available Bluetooth devices on your smartphone or tablet. 4. Select the Bluetooth mirror from the list of available devices. 5. Pair your smart device with the Bluetooth mirror using the provided pairing code or by following the manufacturer’s instructions. 6. Once connected, you can use your smart device to control multimedia functions and adjust ambient settings directly from the Bluetooth mirror.

If you encounter any issues during the setup process, consult the manufacturer’s user manual or online support for guidance on troubleshooting common problems. Additionally, ensure that both your smart device and the Bluetooth mirror are within a suitable range to maintain a reliable connection. This can usually be achieved by keeping both devices within 30 feet or less of each other, depending on the specifications of your chosen Bluetooth mirror.

Can I control my Bluetooth mirror using voice command?

The ability to control your Bluetooth mirror using voice commands depends on the specific model and its compatibility with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri. To control your Bluetooth mirror with voice commands, make sure your chosen model supports the integration of a compatible voice assistant.

Once you have identified a compatible Bluetooth mirror, you can set up your voice assistant by following the manufacturer’s instructions. This usually involves connecting your smartphone or tablet to the Bluetooth mirror and configuring the voice assistant within the smart device settings. After this process, you can use voice commands to control multimedia functions, adjust ambient settings, or even trigger other smart home devices connected to your network.